Seven Servants

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Seven Servants

Director: Daryush Shokof
Writers: Julianne Schulze / Daryush Shokof
Producers: Bahman Maghsoudlou, Stefan Jonas
Starring: Anthony Quinn, David Warner, Alexandra Stewart,
John Wojda, Reza Davoudi
Music: Gato Barbieri
A Das Werk Production
1996, Color, 90 min., USA-Germany

Archie is a rich old man who lives alone with his maid Anya; he is philosophical, funny, and yet “incomplete” as a creature. He longs for affection, the true sensation of becoming “one” with all the creatures on the planet…he finds peace only when his body is energized by love and positive energy from others…he sees the “incomplete” state as an illness and is determined to cure himself. This will require infusing his body with energy.

To do this Archie hires four servants from different parts of the world to fill his four facial openings. Although each servant places an index finger in his ears and nostrils, Archie asks Blade (his longtime friend) and Hilda (his true love) to help complete the process.

The symbolism expresses the true meaning of the film when at the end it reveals that Archie reaches his final wish…”Unity Till The Last Breath.”

Daryush has said, “If we can stretch convention and with it our minds to encompass what is original and unusual then we are able to free ourselves from what is traditional. In defining our dances with death we liberate ourselves to soar with the transition to a different state.”

This film explores and captures new vistas, new approaches and new perceptions. Through this process of being “plugged in” there are many humorous and surrealistic moments which create a very poetic comedy.

It is this film’s wish to truly influence the citizens of this planet to get connected for peace and harmony.

Selected for Locarno (Competition and Special Event of Closing Night at the Grand Piazza), Toronto, Montreal, Berlin, Kiev, Thessaloniki, Delhi, Cairo and many other international festivals.

Seven Servants is now available on DVD from Pathfinder Pictures. It can be ordered from Amazon, Netflix, direct from or at any of your finer video outlets.

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DVD is available for USD24.99


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