About IFVC

Into the New Millennium

IFVC was conceived with the intention of celebrating the art of cinema from all corners of the world. It is widely acclaimed to be one of the world’s most comprehensive video libraries, while simultaneously producing feature and documentary films designed to be both entertaining and thought provoking. Through these dual endeavors IFVC hopes to bring to people everywhere joy, knowledge, and a better understanding of this most essential of art forms.

IFVC’s production unit currently has numerous documentaries and features both in development and in production. Recent projects include Silence Of The Sea (2003), the second feature by up and coming Iranian director Vahid Mousaian, which was screened at various international film
festivals ; Ahmad Mahmoud: A Noble Novelist (2004), the second in IFVC’s series on Iran’s artistic masters; and Iranian Cinema: Searching For The Roots (1900-1979) (2005), a completely comprehensive long form documentary about film in Iran before the Revolution, featuring interviews with over one hundred of the most important figures in the Iranian film industry.

We also hope that visitors to this site will remember to look through the database of our extensive video library. The film selection spans all periods of cinema history and countries all over the world. Genres ranging from comedy to drama, action to suspense, horror to science fiction, are all represented in our library. Also included is a comprehensive selection of silent films, cult films, classic films, and one of the most far-reaching collections of foreign titles to be found anywhere.

From the birth of cinema to the new millennium…