Bahman Maghsoudlou founded IFVC in 1985 at the genesis of the video revolution. IFVC was the first to incorporate many video store standards that we now take for granted. Publication of the first catalog, listing films by director, actor, and genre as well as title, and providing home delivery service.
Over the next sixteen years, Mr. Maghsoudlou built one of the countries’ most diverse and respected video libraries. IFVC was subsequently recognized as one of the top ten video centers in the United States garnering accolades from such respectable publications as The Hollywood Reporter, Crain’s Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, New York Post, and Billboard Magazine.

Having reached this level of prestige in the video business, IFVC then moved onto the next level. Mr. Maghsoudlou had always envisioned branching the company out into production and did so in his first venture as Executive Producer with 1993’s Manhattan by Numbers, the English language debut by acclaimed Iranian director Amir Naderi.

This was followed in 1996 by Seven Servants, a co-production with German company Das Werk, featuring the late Anthony Quinn in one of his last roles. By 2001 the video market had changed considerably. With the advent of DVD technology, and the proliferation of such chain video stores as Blockbuster Video, Mr. Maghsoudlou abandoned the traditional model in favor of an emphasis on production. So, after sixteen years, a fond farewell was bid to IFVC, the store. However the end of one era signaled the beginning of another…

As time goes on, IFVC remains committed to celebrating the art of film, by offering quintessential cinematic features in both DVD and VHS format which can be purchased via the website, as well as producing and distributing original features. We will continue to embrace cinematic excellence.

Mr. Maghsoudlou is the member of Pen American center.

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