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Abbas Kiarostami: A Report

Writer/Director/Producer: Bahman Maghsoudlou
2013/USA/feature documentary/Color & B&W/87 min./In English & Farsi w/English subtitles


Bahman Maghsoudlou’s film on Kiarostami is one of the best documentaries on a director I’ve ever seen. With well-chosen clips (the extended segment of The Report is alone worth the price of admission) and smart contributions from film scholars, and punctuated by Kiarostami’s own penetrating words, it easily makes the case for the Iranian as one of the world’s greatest filmmakers. That he is not more widely known is only one reason this film deserves to be seen.

Bahman brings to this work a profound understanding of Iran, its political and cultural upheavals, and the tradition of filmmaking within which Kiarostami worked and pioneered. This is a beautiful film that is also a lesson in filmmaking!

— Molly Haskell

Bahman Maghsoudlou’s movie about Abbas Kiarostami is certainly one of the best if its kind ever realized. Not only because it features cinema historians and critics explaining the particularities and importance of his movies – which is their job, after all – but especially and above all because revisiting his work chronologically allows us to discover the genesis of Kiarostami’s inspiration and the amount of work it takes for a filmmaker to deepen, a necessary process for finding a tone and a style released from any other influences. Learning from each of his movies, Kiarostami then reproduces the world which surrounds him through a personal vision that asserts itself more and more each time, imposing itself on us in an inescapable and obvious way.

Maghsoudlou’s goal was to act not as a critic, but as an exegesis. By allowing Kiarostami to lead us down the path he has already taken, through the outlet of his words and memories, he has given us Abbas Kiarostami, with all his richness and diversity, all over again.

Pierre-Henri Deleau

…I believe this is an excellent work… It builds an extensive and sensible understanding of Kiarostami’s work, and its context… I am sure [it] will be shown in many festivals and educational facilities.

Jean-Michel Frodon

“Authoritative and incisive, Bahman Maghsoudlou’s Abbas Kiarostami offers a novel, probing and highly illuminating look at the work of one of the modern cinema’s greatest masters.”

— Godfrey Cheshire

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Iranian three grand peaces at Montreal FFM

 by Dejan Nikolaj Kraljacic – Dex (Montreal )

In addition, even the most famous Iranian filmmaker ever, Abbas Kiarostami, proposes different approaches to film styles, challenging the real meaning of so often seen social dramas. In a great American documentary made by Iranian filmmaker Bahman Maghsoudlou – Abbas Kiarostami – A Report, also screened at the festival – Kiarostami spoke true wisdom, which is that social drama, as a genre, does not make any sense nowadays, because our contemporary society has reached the level where people are already well-prepared for all consequences of every personal act in advance, according to the requirements of the law. In other words, there is no room for choice, and therefore, for any personal dilemma, i.e. conflict – drama. The focus of Maghsoudlou’s Report is Kiarostami’s first feature that was made just before the Islamic revolution in 1979, but, at the same time, this documentary actually sharpens the differences between the two opposite regimes. 

Maghsoudlou has made one of the smartest docs on a filmmaker I’ve seen in a long time… Oh my gosh, and the Kiarostami’s statement on social drama… Great!!!

— Dejan Nikolaj Kraljacic



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