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—Anthony Quinn

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—Alain Renais

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—Adolfo Celi

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—Alain Robbe Grillet

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—Cliff Robertson

[print_gllr id=1752]

—Dennis Hopper

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—Elke Sommer, Frank Capra, Gert Frobe, Gregory Peck

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—Jean Louis Bertucelli

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—John Simon

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—Miklos Jansco

[print_gllr id=1775]

—Herbert Lom, Lenny Lipton, Manuel Otero

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—Milos Forman

[print_gllr id=1784]

—Nicholas Ray

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—Otto Preminger

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—Paul Mazursky

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—Ralf Rosenblum

[print_gllr id=1807]

—Satyajit Ray

[print_gllr id=1811]

—Trevor Howard

[print_gllr id=1815]

—Rene Clair

[print_gllr id=1819]

—William Harison

[print_gllr id=1822]

—Stella Stevens

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—William Wyler

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