Ardeshir Mohasses & His Caricatures

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Ardeshir Mohasses & His Caricatures

Camera: Manouchehr Tabari
Editor: Mohammad Tahaminejad
Narration: Fereydoun Farahandouz
With: Fereyoud Gilani, Javad Mojabi, Hooshang Taheri
Writer, Director, Producer: Bahman Maghsoudlou
Iran, B/W, 20 minutes, 1972

This is a short documentary about a famous Iranian caricaturist, who died in 2008. This documentary, made in 1972, remains the sole film about a great artist who lived in self-exiled in New York for more than thirty years. Maghsoudlou is currently working on an updated and expanded hour-long version of this documentary. This film was selected for the Leipzig Film Festival in 1996.

Mr. Maghsoudlou has had occasion in recent times to show this important film at a number of public events thereby introducing the great artist’s work to fresh eyes. In June of 2008, the US’s first major Mohasses retrospective, ‘Art and Satire in Iran,’ was held at New York’s Asia Society (which would also be home to the First Annual International Short Film Festival: In dependent Films on Iran later that same year). Mr. Maghsoudlou’s film was screened after a discussion of the artist that included former General Attorney of State Ramsey Clark, a collector of Mohasses’s work. In the latter part of 2008 and early part of 2009, Mr. Maghsoudlou attended several more functions at which the film was screened and discussed, including three in Sweden (at which Ahmad Mahmoud: A Noble Novelist was also shown), one at the Iranian Association of Boston (also featuring Silence of the Sea) and one at the Near Eastern Department of Princeton University. The film was also screened at Kanoon Iranian in Washington on November 24, 2008.


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