This Side of the Mind & The Other Side of the Pupil

Author: Bahman Maghsoudlou
Edited by: Parviz Jahed
Publisher: Nila, Tehran, 1999
ISBN: 964-91750-6-7
Pages: In Farsi, 350 Pages

This book collects eleven interviews conducted by the author in the USA during the 1970s. Six are with directors (Milos Forman, Otto Preminger, Nicholas Ray, Paul Mazursky, Dennis Hopper, and Jean-Louis Bertucelli), two with film critics (Andrew Sarris and John Simon) and one with a writer (William Harrison). In these interviews, Maghsoudlou has tried not only to review these great directors’ careers, but also to shed light with his questions on the many ambiguous parts of their films and lives

Also included are two interviews with the author about Iranian cinema, both done in 1990 in Iran, one by Parviz Jahed, the editor of the book who is a film critic himself, and the other by Ebrahim Nabavi, another eminent Iranian figure who is a famous satirist.

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