Simin Behbahani (1927-2014)

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Simin Behbahani (1927-2014)

Simin Behbahani, the legendary Iranian poet, died on Monday, August 18, 2014, while in the hospital in Tehran. She was 87 years old. Her powerful humanistic and patriotic poetry, particularly during the second part of her life, made her a giant in Iranian contemporary literature and an idol to progressively-minded Iranians everywhere. We lost an Iron Lady who never ceased in her fight against reactionary thoughts and censorship, not only through her strong verse but also through her valiant presence, which radiated an unshakable will to stand by that which is right.

I had the privilege of conducting a short interview with her that was published in 1971. Having spent time with her, I am all the more saddened by the news of her death. However, I take pride and comfort in her constructive heritage, which will remain a part of Iranian history forever.

I send my condolences to her family, all Iranians around the world, and all those that follow in her path, fighting for freedom and justice in the world.

Bahman Maghsoudlou, New York



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