She gets what she wants

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She gets what she wants

What does the woman who has everything buy for herself on her birthday? If she is Madonna, it’s Marlene Dietrich’s movie, Seven Sinners. (That’s the one in which Dietrich sings The Man’s in the Navy, in full military drag.)

Madonna scoured video stores in Manhattan last week, right before she flew off to Miami for her big natal-day bash. She finally tracked down Seven Sinners at the International Film & Video Center on First Avenue at 54th Street. The Big M put in a personal call to owner Bahman Maghsoudlou, who is also a movie producer. So he was waiting for her, Dietrich in hand, when Madonna, statuesque in four-inch Versace heels, stepped out of her stretch limo, paid for the video, then slithered back into the car, which headed off to the airport.

Maghsoudlou’s customers were paralyzed. He remained calm. After all, he had just returned from Europe, where he produced Anthony Quinn’s new movie, Seven Servants. He knows from stars.

Staten Island Advanced, August 1995



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