One Weekend and Trio of Death

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One Weekend and Trio of Death

The last weekend of January 2014 and beginning of february is going to be marked a black and sad weekend because we lost three legends in cinema: a great director and two giant actors.

Miklos Jancso (1921-2014) the greatest Hungarian modernist director died on Friday the last day of January Master of the long take died. His Cinema was fluid one and his education of Law and ethnography has been crossing and mixing in his films with poetic realism and formalism. His theme was political and historical and like Iranian great caricaturist Ardeshir Mohasses was concentrating on oppress & oppressor or repression and oppression. His style with ritualistic camera movement and long tracking shots on widescreen is amusing and unforgettable. His creation geometrical arrangement on the black and white silver screen with characters and objects are not any other director’s realm.

I had a privilege to interview him in my program Tasvir & Sayeha (Picture & Shadows) when his came to Tehran to present his retrospective at Third Tehran International Film Festival in 1975.

Maximillian Schell (1930-2014) was the most successful German-speaking actors in Hollywood who won academy award for the best actor in Judgment at Nuremberg in 1961. I remember him vividly and sadly when our negotiation failed to act in Seven Servant (director Daryush Shokof) with Anthony Quinn in 1995.

And finally Philip Seymour Hoffman, an American actor who received Academy Award for best actor, Portraying Truman Capote in 2005. He was 46 years old.



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