Ahmad Shamlou: Master Poet of Liberty

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Author: Bahman Maghsoudlou
Edition: First Edition Spring 2008
Publisher: Ketab Corp., USA
Price: USD20.00
Pages: In Farsi & English, 164 pages

This is the first in a series of books about films produced by IFVC and its president/founder Bahman Maghsoudlou. This book deals with the two-year production of this feature documentary about one of Irans most important writers, poets and intellectuals. English content includes:

Table of Contents
1. Credits
2. Ahmad Shamlous Letter to Bahman Maghsoudlou
3. Ahmad Shamlou: The Poet
4. Chronology of Ahmad Shamlous Life and Work
5. The Script
6. Copyright

The book also includes one chapter in Farsi in which the author extensively details the production of the film from beginning to end, including all of the problems that occurred during the two years of production. Also included is a poem by Behrouz Maghsoudlou about Ahmad Shamlou written after Shamlous death.

Other books in this series will soon follow, including an in-depth look at the making of acclaimed Iranian director Amir Naderis powerful first US feature, Manhattan by Numbers.

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