Bahman Maghsoudlou with Ahmed Mahmoud

Remembering Ahmad Mahmoud

Thursday, October 4, 2018 marked sixteen years since the passing of Ahmad Mahmoud (1931-2002), a...
People in black and white attending a funeral

Ehsan Yarshater (1920-2018)

[:en] These days, it feels as if we are losing all of our great Iranian...
Bahman Maghsoudlou

Honoring the Record of Bahman Maghsoudlou

On Sunday evening September 23,2018, five cultural and artistical organization honored almost fifty years record...
Newspaper cutting

خاطرات من از استاد بزرگ آنتونی کویین

توفیق آن را داشتم که در اوایل دهه نود با آنتونی کویین، این هنرمند افسانه‌ای...
A man wearing black talking to a man wearing white

My memory of Maestro Anthony Quinn (Part One)

I had the privilege and honor of meeting Anthony Quinn, a legend and multidimensional artist,...
Milos Forman in his casual attire

Remembering Milos Forman

روز ١٣ اوريل ميلوش فورمن كارگردان فيلم اماديوس و پروازي بر فراز اشيانه فاخته در...
The Runner

Amir Naderi Films at MOMA

The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) will screen nine films by Amir Naderi, an Iranian...
Dr. Bahman Maghsoudloo at the Iran Center London: Kiarostami, a report

دکتر بهمن مقصودلو در کانون ایران لندن: کیارستمی، یک گزارش

Ardeshir Mohasses, Rebellious Artist—Paris

Ardeshir Mohasses, Rebellious Artist—Paris

Ardeshir Mohasses, Rebellious Artist — Toronto

Ardeshir Mohasses, Rebellious Artist — Toronto