Bahram Beizai: A Cultural Legend (2018)

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Bahram Beizai: A Cultural Legend (2018)

Bahram Beizai: A Cultural Legend (2018)
Writer/Director/Producer: Bahman Maghsoudlou

A feature documentary in the editing room

I would like to announce that my new feature documentary about Bahram Beizai’s cinema is in
post-production. I have just finished my second long interview with him and his wife, Mojdeh
Shamsai (actress), on July 2 in San Francisco. Previously, I had conducted another long
interview with him about his cinema in 2002 in Tehran. I have also gathered all necessary
materials and footage for the final edit.
Bahram Beyzai (born December 26, 1938) is a dramatist and filmmaker, and undoubtedly one of
the most important Iranian scholars of the performing arts of the 20th century. He is a writer,
director, playwright, essayist and, above all, an intellectual who has served and influenced his
country through more than one hundred books and eleven feature films. Beizai is a master of
theatre and cinema, having produced work in both fields of art.
This film focuses on his cinematic vision and style in the films he has written, directed, edited
and produced. It represents the sixth feature in the Renowned Iranian Artists series produced for
International Film & Video Center. The previous films in the series are Ahmad Shamlou:
Master Poet of Liberty, Ahmad Mahmoud: A Noble Novelist, Iran Darroudi: The Painter of
Ethereal Moments, Ardeshir Mohasses: The Rebellious Artist and Abbas Kiarostami: A
Beizai is 78 years old, and thus it would be great to finish this film ASAP and screen it around
the globe, with him in attendance whenever possible, as homage to his brilliant achievements.



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