Exhibitions and Other Acitivities

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Individual Exhibitions:

1958  Miami Beach Art Center, USA
1958  Columbia University, New York
1959  Royal Hilton Hotel, Tehran
1959  Farhang Hall, Tehran
1961  Iran-American Society, Tehran
1961  Farhang Hall, Tehran
1963  Museum of Xelles, Brussels
1964  Galeria Santa Maria Piazza, Milan
1964  Borghese Gallery, Tehran
1965  Iran-America Society, Tehran
1969  Negar Gallery, Tehran
1970  Royal Hilton Hotel, Tehran
1970  Sharif Industrial University, Tehran
1972  Goethe Institute, Tehran
1973  Space Gallery 2000, New York
1973  Goethe Institute: Shiraz, Abadan, Mashhad, Isfahan
1973  Drouant Gallery, Paris
1973  Atrium Artis Gallery, Geneva
1974  Gallery 21, Zurich
1974  National Iranian Oil Company, Abadan
1974  Ferdowski University, Mashhad
1975  Darroudi Gallery, Tehran
1975  Drouant Gallery, Tokyo
1975  La Galleria Gallery, Mexico
1976  Museum of Bellas Artes, Mexico
1976  Heritage Gallery, Toronto
1976  Ferdowski University, Mashhad
1976  Isfahan University, Isfahan
1976  National Iranian, Oil Company, Abadan
1976  Iranian National Television, Shiraz
1976  Alexander Gallery, Tehran
1978  Prime Minister’s Club, Tehran
1978  Intercontinental Hotel, Geneva
1982  Motte Gallery, Geneva
1987  Bailleul Gallery, Paris
1988  Salon Roland Garros, Palais de Chaillot, Paris
1988  Studio Q, New Jersey
1988  Art Décor Gallery, Washington, D. C.
1989  First Credit Bank, Los Angeles
1991  A.M.O.R.C. Cultural Center, Paris
1991  Iran Cultural Center, Dusseldorf, Germany
1992  Azadi Museum, Tehran
1993  Sepehri Gallery, Tehran
1994  Art 54 Gallery, New York
1994  United Nations, New York
1995  Barg Gallery, Tehran
1999  Hourian Gallery, San Francisco
1999  Virginia Tech University, Virginia
1999  U.C.L.A. University, Los Angeles
2002  Artist’s House, Tehran
2002  Museum of Contemporary, Isfahan
2003  Pegah Gallery, Kerman


Group Exhibition:

More than 60 group exhibitions in France, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Canada, Monaco, U.A.E. and Germany.


Other activities:

Since 1964, a member of the International Congress of Artists, Art Critics and Artistic Studies of Rimini, Verruchio, San Marino, Italy.

From 1967-1972, producing and directing 1900 minutes of documentary film for television on “Art Appreciation.”

Producing and directing a 55-minute documentary entitled “Biennial of Venice 1968.”

1970-1972, Honorary professor of “History and Art Appreciation” at Sharif Industrial University, Tehran.

A series of conferences about painting and the role of women in contemporary Iranian art, and also about her book, “In the Distance Between Two Points.”



1998  Cultural Society of Iranian Immigrants, Brussels
1998  The Library of Iran’s Study Center, London
1998  Virginia Tech University, Virginia
1999  L.A. University, Los Angeles
1999  Berkeley University, San Francisco
1999  San Jose Experts Society, USA
1999  Kahrizak ‘Cultural Institution’, San Francisco
1999  Virginia Tech University, Virginia
1999  Sokhan Society, San Francisco
1999  Sokhan Society, Los Angeles
1999  Iranian’s Cultural Society, Sacramento
1999  Cultural Society of Iranian Immigrants in New Jersey



Research on “The Art of Achaemenians,” printed by Sokhan and Negin Press in 1957 and 1958.
Articles and criticism on painting in Iranian press and Sokhan Magazine.
1973  “Iran Darroudi’s Paintings,” Tehran, first edition
1976  “Iran Darroudi’s Paintings,” Tehran, second edition by Amir Kabir
1995  “In the Distance Between Two Points…!”, her autobiography, first edition by Ney Publications
2002  “In the Distance Between Two Points…!”, sixth edition


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