Ahmad Mahmoud’s Bibliography

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Short Story Collections

1. Mul (The Paramour), 1957
2. Darya Hanuz Aram Ast (The Sea Is Still Calm), 1960
3. Bihudegi (Uselessness), 1962
4. Za’eri Zir-e Baran (A Pilgrim In The Rain), 1967
5. Pesarak-e Bumi (The Little Native Boy), 1971
6. Gharibeh-ha (The Strangers), 1971
7. Didar (Visiting), 1990
8. Qesseh-ye Ashna (Familiar Tale), 1991
9. Az Mosafer ta Tabkhal (From Passenger To Cold Sore), 1992


1. Hekayat-e Hal (The Story Of My Condition Now), a long interview with Ahmad Mahmoud by Ms. Lily Golestan, 1995


1. Two Filmnameh (Film Scripts), 1995


1. Hamsayeh-ha (The Neighbors), 1974
2. Dastan-e Yek Shahr (Story Of One City), 1981
3. Zamin-e Sukhteh (The Scorched Earth), 1982
4. Madar-e Sefr Darajeh (The Zero Degree Latitude), 1993
5. Adam-e Zendeh (The Live Human), 1997
6. Derakht-e Anjir-e Ma’abed (The Fig Tree Of The Temples), 2000


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