Cine Pallium Festival

Bahman Maghsoudlou felicitated

The Cine Pallium Festival was held at Palo Del Colle, Bari, Italy from November 14 to 18, 2017. The festival’s theme was intersecting identities. The festival, in its first year under artistic director Gemma Lanzo, presented an ambitious program consisting of 12 different sections and more than one hundred films, including shorts, features, documentaries, experimental…

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With Bernardo Bertolucci in Rome

Bahman Maghsoudlou discussing

With Bernardo Bertolucci in Rome On November 13, 2017, I had a unique opportunity to meet and chat with a master, legendary director Bernardo Bertolucci, for the third time. We talked about our common friend, the great Gato Barbieri, the Argentinian composer and saxophone player who composed the soundtracks for two films for him and…

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